sonicPlanet's proprietary Creation physics engine has been so versatile that we have worked on a series of computer generated video-art pieces using this simulation engine. With bending the gravitational laws and playing with non-linear time, these video-art series unleash the invisible form of universal forces and the continuous transformations in a poetic way.
The full versions of these video-art pieces ( between 8min - 17min ) can be purchased as editions of each title. Please contact
These video-art series represent a “celestial canvas” exploring the abstract creation of evolutionary systems through the lens of cosmic laws. Drawing inspiration from the vastness of the universe and the intricate interplay of celestial bodies, it evokes a sense of wonder and contemplation in the viewer.
It is a visual symphony, where thousands of objects come together, and is being conducted by the invisible yet profound force of gravity at play. It invites the audience to witness the birth of a cosmic formation, a celestial ballet where the same laws of physics shape the very fabric of our universe. By using the power of art, merging the science with aesthetics, we strive to foster a deeper appreciation of the universe's inherent beauty, illuminate its wonders and the elegant mechanisms that underpin its creation.
Punctum, Linae, Atmos 1
Punctum, Linae, Atmos 3
Art installations
Art installations