Supported Platforms :

OSX / Windows. “For OSX : A minimum Apple M1  (Monterey or higher) or equivalent. For Windows : 10th Gen i5 or higher, Ryzen5 4500 or higher” is recommended.

Keywords :

audio-visual synthesizer, space physics engine, cumulative sound texture creator, generative sound, sonic-art

Credits :

Creation is designed & programmed by Sinan Bokesoy, preset sound designs by Laurent Mialon. 

Creation is the embodiment of sound, space and visual design rolled into one. A unique software targeting creative minds.

Imagine that Einstein and Ligeti would be collaborating on a musical app..

Creation is an advanced sound design tool giving the user the principal dynamics of your universe.The user gains the architect’s role by creating dialogues in a 3D simulation scene based on gravitational interaction. A force which is responsible of the macro-formal evolution of our universe.

Creation calculates the gravitational interaction between up to 999 objects and 5 masses and renders the cumulative sound from this dynamically evolving space data.

We can bend the physics of the nature, change the constants in the gravitational force formula and therefore the relation of the masses. We can even introduce a negative force, rather than only a positive one.

Each object itself represents an oscillator with a rich sound synthesis engine and unique modulation capabilities.

As an analogy, the sonic universe of Creation can been seen as the reveal of the dark matter or dark energy which in theory is responsible of the existence of the gravitation capable of forming the galaxies and the structures in our universe.

How does a Big Bang sound ?

Creation gives the sound designer the principal dynamics of our universe.

THINK in 3d

3D representation and real-life simulation of a dynamic scene. Sound synthesis is a result of a causal and visual narrative in a 3D space.

An architecture for sonic texture

Simulating the principal physics which forms our universe, the gravitational interaction of its elements and rendering the sonic structure all together.

sound design in motion

Remembering Einstein's famous quote. Here the sound has no separate existence from space, time and matter ( gravity ).

from Space objects to sonic structures

Each gravitational object becomes a sonic oscillator with rich sound design and modulation capabilities. It offers the masses and objects interaction as a unique paradigm in sound synthesis.

transition between scenes

Capture different scene organizations and animate continuous sequences / transformations between them. Shift continuously incredible amount of data for sonic rendering.

sound design meets visual design

Realistic 3D visual for a perfect narrative medium. GPU utilization for fast dynamic motion calculation with precision, and the sound is the result of this interaction.

REMOTE control

Full control of app parameters with CreationRemote VST/AU within your DAW. Also full OSC remote control.


It comes with 30 meticulously designed presets exemplifying a true audio-visual art.

CreationRemote is a VST3/AU plugin which let’s you remotely control the Creation application inside your DAW. Use your DAW’s facilities for drawing your plugin automation or assign Midi controls at your will.

Creation is for everyone who is passionate to create and experiment.