Creative Studio

About Us

We create sonic art, we develop code, we produce software, we target creative minds .

Our activites

audio visual software development
sonicPlanet develops audio visual sound design and immersive audio apps for iOS, OSX and Windows platforms, for both desktop and augmented reality formats. Our motivation is the create the next level of audio applications and not just repeating the existing paradigms.
sound design
Sound design with / for the software tools we do create is a challenging design process. Our tools do not repeat the known sonic territories, they have to be unique. Likewise we are responsible to bring the unusual and unique sonic results in controllable forms to our users.
art installations
sonicPlanet has supported the creation of several highly acclaimed sound installation projects both technically, and financially on art galleries, festivals, biennales. This is what we love to do and is always a demanding activity.

Our Team Members

Laurent MIALON