How to migrate to StarWaves2

How to migrate from StarWaves v1 ( OSX / Windows ) to StarWaves2 ?

StarWaves v1 has been published on the App Store. StarWaves 2 OSX / Windows versions will be published on our sonicPlanet store. This has several advantages for the user and for us and below you will find detailed explanations and information about how to migrate. 


What does StarWaves2 include ?


This new version includes new features as usual and comes with the StarWavesRemote VST3/AU plugin  (about 6500 lines of code development) which lets you control StarWaves2 extensively on your DAW and apply continuous automation using the DAW facilities.

  • A Platform block stochastic fail feature has been added. This models a light bulb flickering effect and when it is active it cancels the platform blocks randomly. Also you can add a lo-fi distortion effect on the platform audio block to emphasize this effect.
  • Emitter Offset X, Y, Z sliders have been added for easily move the emitters in space as an alternative to mouse grabbing.
  • The Sequence panel has been revised; a time counter showing the between scene transition time has been added. Also a blue bar indicates the sequence playback position.
  • Countless parameter destinations have been added to the Midi and OSC sections.
  • A new Venus planet theme has been added on the Themes panel.
  • StarWaves2 includes all the in-app purchase options of StarWaves V1 by default.

StarWaves2 is a bundle including OSX and Windows versions. 


Pricing of StarWaves2


The price of StarWaves2 bundle is 75Euros. StarWaves2 includes by default all the in-app purchases of StarWaves1 AppStore version. Given that the StarWaves v1.3 alone costs 47.99Euros in EU ( prices may vary worldwide due to tax differences ) StarWaves2 including all the 3 in-app purchase options equals to the current price of StarWaves v1.3.


Migration from StarWaves1 to StarWaves2


For any StarWaves1 user who has purchase it before the release date of StarWaves2 and who wants to migrate to StarWaves2, we will deduct what they have paid for StarWaves1 and its in-app purchases from the price of StarWaves2. For people who have purchased StarWaves1 recently with full add-ons , it means that they might not pay anything at all to get the StarWaves2. Also we are paying the necessary iLOK licencing fees. 

  • Just sent us the invoice/s of your StarWaves1 purchases including the in-app purchase invoices from your Appstores (Apple or Microsoft) via support (at) 
  • We will send you a PayPAL payment request for the difference. Upon your payment we will deposit your licence on your iLOK account and deliver all the download links .

( again, sorry for this hassle however the AppStores don’t share with us the client info. )

Why moving away from the App Stores


The App Store hosts apply a %30 cut + also unexplained! other cuts. 

And for this we don’t have any customer data. We don’t know who is using our software and cannot reach them directly for updates, announcements and other offers etc.

The apps sold on the App Stores are necessarily sandboxed. This brings certain file access restrictions, not really practical for music software and its work environments. 

On our store, StarWaves2 is a bundle including the OSX and Windows versions, where the App Store will deliver only for the OS which the company provides.


and people who don’t want to migrate ?

They can keep using the version which they have purchased and will have access to it on their AppStore. We have launched StarWaves1 for really nothing ( given that we have seen + %30 cuts on the sold price ) to the users so that they could have an experience with it.