StarWaves VR is now available for Oculus Quest3 and Quest Pro.

StarWaves2 (OSX / Windows.)
StarWaves VR (Oculus Quest3, Quest Pro)

audio-visual synthesizer, VR app, sound texture creator, generative sound, sonic-art

designed&programmed by Sinan Bokesoy, preset sound designs by Laurent Mialon.

StarWaves is the embodiment of sound, space and visual design rolled into one. A unique software targeting creative minds.

In the making of sonic architectures

StarWaves gives the sound designer the architect’s role by creating dialogues between sound, space and visual elements.

THINK in 3d

3D representation of sonic material, and use spatial tools like positioning and rotation in continuous transformations.

An architecture for sonic texture

Built in a non-gravitational space and physical realm, the kinetic interaction of its elements and triggering of sonic events.

sound design in motion

Here, the sound has no separate existence from space, time and motion. It is the result of a causal and visual narrative in motion.

from particles to concret objects

transmitters sending particals or beams of light to trigger sonic events down to granular level with kinematic precision.

transition between scenes

Capture different scene organizations and animate continuous sequences / transformations between them.

sound design meets visual design

Realistic 3D visual for a perfect narrative medium. Also optional additional scene textures and designs. ( in app purchase )

MIDI and OSC control

Full control of app parameters with MIDI CC controllers. Also full OSC remote control. ( in app purchase )


Comes with 24 meticulously designed presets exemplifying true audio-visual art.

Starwaves is for everyone who is passionate to create and experiment.